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Your School's Information
School Requirements Please read and check each box, indicating your school is prepared to meet the following requirements:
Back-Up Plan

The weather can be unpredictable so please have the students wear appropriate outdoor clothing. The trailer will keep the outside elements out, but the outside presentation might need to be moved indoors. So we are asking you to help us come up with a BACK-UP PLAN!

Please note: If the presentation is deemed a high risk then the event may be cancelled. Unfortunately, an alternative date may not be available.

To ensure our driver and presenters arrive on time, as per your school's bell schedule, please complete the table below (at any time, and without notice to us, you have the option of changing the classrooms assigned to each time slot).

Please schedule Seed Survivor for a FULL SCHOOL DAY (min 4 presentations, max 30 students per presentation). Each presentation is typically ONE HOUR long but can be adjusted to fit your bell schedule.

Seed Survivor exhibitions may be booked from 1 to a maximum of 5 days. They need not be contiguous days, but the exhibition must be available in your region on that time in order to be bookable. Select up to 5 dates from the calendar, then fill out your Bell Schedule in the area provided.

Bell Schedule
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Review your information. If the buttons below are all green then you've entered all the required information. Take a few minutes to ensure all your information is accurate, and when you're satisfied, click the Finished Button to complete your booking.

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